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Fix crash in TupleToolHerschel when multiple versions are present

Patrick Koppenburg requested to merge pkoppenb-TTHerschel into run2-patches

TupleToolHerschel causes a crash without any error message when a file from a run with one calibration is followed by a file from another run with another calibration in the same job. @crsanche ran into the problem with files 00069074_00008083_1.ew.dst and 00069074_00010274_1.ew.dst from 2015.

The reason is that the name of the variable is changed depending on calibration. On the first J/psi->mumu event of these two files we have

 log_hrc_fom_v5  = 5.62789
 log_hrc_fom_B_v5 = 5.61727
 log_hrc_fom_F_v5 = 1.07714


 log_hrc_fom_v4  = -15.9944
 log_hrc_fom_B_v4 = -17.4217
 log_hrc_fom_F_v4 = -16.2688

This is a bug. A TupleTool should not crash. I suggest to add a variable that gives the version and remove it from the name of the log chi2.

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