Support for v2 with FunTuple

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This MR:

  • Adds support for v2 objects:
    • Makes v2 objects as the default type (i.e. containers with item type LHCb::Event::simd_zip_t<SIMDWrapper::Scalar,T>::template zip_proxy_type<LHCb::Pr::ProxyBehaviour::Contiguous>).
    • The types MCParticles and Particles are treated as special cases.
    • Caveat: The functionality of decay descriptor parsing for v2 is not there yet, so we run over all composites in the TES. (Next step of development, but would be a separate MR.)
  • Adds ChargedBasic producers.
  • Few other improvements in terms of code duplication.

To be tested with: DaVinci!695 (merged)

Closes issue (#34 (closed)) and is related to the master issue (#11 (moved)).

FYI: @graven

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