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Fix for handling correctly IOVProducer location in dd4hep builds

Davide Fazzini requested to merge dfzzini_fix_iovlock_dd4hep into master

Many DV tests fail in dd4hep builds with the following error:

HiveDataBrokerSvc                     FATAL in sysInitialize(): exception with tag=mapProducers is caught
HiveDataBrokerSvc                     ERROR mapProducers 	 
Unknown requested input by FunTupleBase<Gaudi::NamedRange_<std::vector<LHCb::Particle const*,std::allocator<LHCb::Particle const*> >,__gnu_cxx::__normal_iterator<LHCb::Particle const* const*,std::vector<LHCb::Particle const*,std::allocator<LHCb::Particle const*> > > > >/B0DsK_Tuple : '/Event/IOVLock'.
You can set the OutputLevel of HiveDataBrokerSvc to DEBUG to get a list of inputs and outputs of every registered algorithm.
HiveDataBrokerSvc                     ERROR Exception stack trace

This MR just update the FunTuple.cpp code replacing the DetDesc/ConditionAccessorHolder.h" with DetDesc/GenericConditionAccessorHolder.h in order to take into account correctly both detector descriptions.

Related to DaVinci#65 (closed).

Edited by Davide Fazzini

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