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MCFTG4AttenuationTool updated to allow different attenuation maps

Sevda Esen requested to merge dev-scifi-attenuationMapSelection into master

We have attenuation maps at different irradiation levels: 0, 1, 10, 25, 50, 100/fb with power-law model and 50, 100/fb also with linear model. These can be selected with

MCFTDepositCreator().addTool(MCFTG4AttenuationTool("MCFTG4AttenuationTool")) MCFTDepositCreator().MCFTG4AttenuationTool.Irradiation = 10 (default:50) MCFTDepositCreator().MCFTG4AttenuationTool.IrradiationLinearModel = true (default:false)


FYI: @jvantilb @beranek

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