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New UT Encoder for TELL40 data format

Xuhao Yuan requested to merge UT_v1r1 into master


  • Digi/Boole/python/Boole/ All UTCluster issues are removed, instead of UTDigit:TightDigits, which is the UTDigits after the ADC cuts.
  • Digi/DigiAlg/src/BuildMCTrackInfo.cpp and Digi/DigiAlg/src/BuildMCTrackInfo.h. All UTCluster changed into UTDigit.
  • Boole/UT/UTDigiAlgorithms/src/UTTightDigitCreator.cpp is mood into $BOOLE from $LBCOM.

Must be applied in conjunction with LHCb!2631 (merged), Lbcom!537 (merged), lhcb-conddb/SIMCOND!118 (merged)

Edited by Rosen Matev

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