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Added VPClusterEffSimDQ to make LHCbPR histograms

David Hutchcroft requested to merge dhcroft-VPClusterEffSimDQ into master

Added VPRetinaFullClusterDecoder and VPClusterEffSimDQ to MoniVPSeq, needs Lbcom!644 (merged) also to provide the algorithms.

This also turns on RootHistogramSink to write out the new style histograms. The old style output is removed, the histogram file name and content are the same, with one exception where some CALO histograms are unweighted in the sink output, that had errors in the old method. The values look the same but the means changed a bit.

Note there is a MR to Gaudi, gaudi/Gaudi!1426 (merged) which fixes the problem with the unhelpful log file entries when using RootHistogramSink instead of RootHistCnv::PersSvc as the output histogram converter. We can not turn off HistogramPersistancySvc as the Muon system uses that to read the background histograms. The histogram files are fine without this change, the log file is just inconsistent with the code behaviour in an unhelpful way.

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