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Update Calo and Muon dd4hep refs, and symlink others ot detdesc

Rosen Matev requested to merge rm-dd4hep-refs into master

The Calo and Muon references are updated for the dd4hep tests since the tests do not have fundamental issues and the numbers are similar to those from detdesc.

For the rest, this is similar to what was done in Moore!2082 (merged)

As it stands, we have two copies of the references, the detdesc and the default (dd4hep) ones. Most of the dd4hep tests are failing for more fundamental reasons so we can't update the references there and follow developments (and updates to the detdesc refs).

With this MR, for the time being, we avoid forking the references by having the default (dd4hep) be symlinks to the detdesc ones.

Follows up on !447 (merged) which forked the detdesc and dd4hep references.

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