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S24r2 S28r2 tests into 2018-patches

Nicole Skidmore requested to merge cherry-pick-630a8b8c into 2018-patches

S24r2, S28r2 tests on 2018-patchess to compare with stripping24r2-28r2-patches

See merge request !413 (merged)

(cherry picked from commit 630a8b8c)

  • 2e1933a2 S24r2, S28r2 tests on stripping24r2-28r2-patches to compare to 2018-patches
  • a612a13c cosmetic changes
  • 9229a23e Increase time limit for S24r2 and S28r2 tests
  • 9b282e30 production tags
Edited by Nicole Skidmore

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