Better documentation for master function run_davinci

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While working on !603 (merged) I noticed that Phys/DaVinci presently contains 2 helper functions run_davinci, which serve different purposes. I'm here renaming the one in to run_davinci_app as that's the one called by the davinci script in DaVinciSys/scripts. The other one, in is similar to run_moore, hence I chose not to change its name. (BTW, this latter function seems to need updates as well, but something for a different future MR ;-).)

While at it - I would also like to rename and probably rearrange a bit the set of files under "python/DaVinci", but better proceed in steps.

Somewhat dependent on MR !603 (merged) to avoid changes in code that is removed by !603 (merged). Merge !603 (merged) first.

Can be seen as an enhancement of documentation (

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