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Detector project with IGeometryInfo

Ben Couturier requested to merge refactor_geometryinfo into master

Detector project with alignment functionality moved to DeIOVObject and abstract IGeometryInfo. This is a simplified version of !153 (merged) after discussion during the hackathon.

This MR moves the alignment and position computation methods to the DeIOVObject class, as it is anyway needed by the sub-detectors (and it makes it easier to return a pointer to this object, needed for compatibility with the IGeometryInfo class from DetDesc).

Part of set: !157 (merged) LHCb!3455 (merged) Rec!2777 (merged) Lbcom!601 (merged) Boole!385 (merged)

Already includes DeFT fixes from !160 (merged)

Edited by Ben Couturier

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