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Fixed orientation and other details for FT

Laurent Dufour requested to merge ld-dd4hep-ftdet into master

This MR captures the progress on various fixes in the DD4Hep description of the Fibre Tracker, using DetDesc as a reference to some extend.

Progress is roughly grouped as:

  • Fix the quadrant ordering in the first layer
  • Fix the quadrant ordering in all layers
  • Fix the mat ordering in all layers
  • Fix the ddx orientation in all layers
  • Fix the mirror points for inner most modules (& fibre length)
  • Check and fix the m_reversed flag for all modules/layers
  • Check the angles of layers wrt detdesc
  • Translations: fix beginning/end of sensitive material
  • Run Moore tests to see the differences in efficiency

Note that the DetDesc detector has inner mats which are not extending to the end, which I will not copy to DD4Hep. This means that changes in efficiency are expected, where we mostly gain in efficiency.


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