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Access to LHC condition information

Tommaso Fulghesu requested to merge tfulghes-lhc-conditions into 2024-patches

This MR is ready, just waiting for a local test on data

TO BE TESTED WITH Rec!3519 (merged), DaVinci!1017 (merged), !528 (merged) LHCb!4517 (merged)

First step towards Rec#497

Access to LHC conditions by informing DeLHCb about LHCInfo properties. It allows to get from condition YAML files contained in the following quantities

  • FillNumber
  • LHCState
  • LHCEnergy
  • LHCbClockPhase

Inspired by !383 (merged)!


  • Fix the test_DDS

FYI: @mvesteri, @poluekt, @mfontana, @cmarinbe, @raaij

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