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Draft: UP geometry added in compact/component and run5 LHCb.xml added

Xuhao Yuan requested to merge Test_U2UT_run5_Geometry_ModifiedbyXH into master
  • New U2 UT added as the name of "UP"
  • pixel chips modelled in compact/component/UP/trunk
  • Geometry implemented in Detector/UP/src/UP_geo.cpp
  • New channelID for HV CMOS modified in Detector/UP/include/Detector/UPChannelID.h
  • Run with LHCb with the new UPDet
  • Run with Gauss to know the new detector.


  • Fix formatting failures in CI pipeline --done!
  • Dummy conditions need to be added to lhcb-conditions-database to align with what is being pointed to in compact/components/trunk/UP/conditions.xml --done! with merge request lhcb-conddb/lhcb-conditions-database!112

Run with LHCb!4349 and Gauss!1022

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Edited by Ji Peng

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