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New CMake for Sim10

Michal Mazurek requested to merge mimazure-master-new-cmake into master

@gcorti @clemenci @kreps @adavis

All the sub-packages have now been ported. I think that the MR is ready to be reviewed. Feel free to comment or directly push commits. I left some comments in the code with either TODO: [New CMake] or FIXME: [New CMake] for non-standard things or for those that I was not certain of.

Nightly tests

The most recent nightly fails with 11 tests. I will try to understand them, but maybe you already know what needs to be done.

Changes in the output diff

List of tests:

  • gauss-config-2015-epos-par
  • gauss-config-2016-epos-pbp
  • gauss-config-2016-epos-phe
  • gauss-config-2016-epos-ppb

auto-load safe-path problem?

List of tests:

  • gauss-gen-11174204-pythia8
  • gauss-gen-24142001-epos-par
  • gauss-gen-24142001-epos-pbp


[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
Using host libthread_db library "/lib64/".
0x00007fd6b1023aa3 in __ieee754_pow_sse2 () from /lib64/
warning: File "/cvmfs/" auto-loading has been declined by your `auto-load safe-path' set to "$debugdir:$datadir/auto-load".
To enable execution of this file add
	add-auto-load-safe-path /cvmfs/
line to your configuration file "/userhome/.gdbinit".
To completely disable this security protection add
	set auto-load safe-path /
line to your configuration file "/userhome/.gdbinit".
For more information about this security protection see the
"Auto-loading safe path" section in the GDB manual.  E.g., run from the shell:
	info "(gdb)Auto-loading safe path"

undefined symbol: bcvegpy_upinit_

List of tests:

  • gauss-gen-14165011-pythia8
  • gauss-redecay-bcvegpy
python: symbol lookup error: /workspace/build/Gauss/build/Gen/GENSER/ undefined symbol: bcvegpy_upinit_

Missing epos.iniev file

List of tests:

  • gauss-gen-21263010-epos-pbp

Problem when unzipping archive

List of tests:

  • gauss-gen-42912009-madgraph


stty: standard input: Inappropriate ioctl for device
stty: standard input: Inappropriate ioctl for device
tail: cannot open '/workspace/build/Gauss/build/Sim/Gauss/qmtest_tmp/42912009_6500_6500/SubProcesses/P0_gg_mupmumbbx/GF10/events.lhe' for reading: No such file or directory
[NON-XML-CHAR-0x1B][1;31mError detected in "launch --parton --nocompile --only_generation --force --name run"
write debug file /workspace/build/Gauss/build/Sim/Gauss/qmtest_tmp/42912009_6500_6500/run_tag_1_debug.log 
If you need help with this issue please contact us on
str : An error occurred during event generation. The event file has not been created. Check collect_events.log[NON-XML-CHAR-0x1B][0m
mv: cannot stat 'Events/run/events.lhe.gz': No such file or directory
gzip: 42912009_6500_6500/events.lhe.gz: No such file or directory


Sub-packages to be ported:

  • Bcm/BcmMoniSim
  • Bls/BlsMoniSim
  • Calo/CaloMoniSim
  • GaussSys
  • Gen/BcVegPy
  • Gen/Generators
  • Gen/GenCuts
  • Gen/GenTests
  • Gen/GenTune
  • Gen/GenXicc
  • Gen/GENSER
  • Gen/LbAmpGen
  • Gen/LbBcVegPy
  • Gen/LbBound
  • Gen/LbCRMC
  • Gen/LbEvtGen
  • Gen/LbGenXicc
  • Gen/LbHard
  • Gen/LbHerwigpp
  • Gen/LbHidValley
  • Gen/LbHijing
  • Gen/LbLPair
  • Gen/LbMadgraph
  • Gen/LbMIB
  • Gen/LbOniaPairs
  • Gen/LbPythia
  • Gen/LbPythia8
  • Gen/LbPGuns
  • Gen/LbStarLight
  • Gen/LbSuperChic2
  • Gen/LPair
  • Gen/Mint
  • Gen/SuperChic2
  • HC/HCMoniSim
  • Muon/MuonMoniSim
  • Phys/LoKiGen
  • Sim/ExternalDetector
  • Sim/Gauss
  • Sim/GaussAlgs
  • Sim/GaussCalo
  • Sim/GaussCherenkov
  • Sim/GaussFastCaloPointlib
  • Sim/GaussFastSim
  • Sim/GaussGeo
  • Sim/GaussKine
  • Sim/GaussMonitor
  • Sim/GaussPhysics
  • Sim/GaussRedecay
  • Sim/GaussRICH
  • Sim/GaussTools
  • Sim/GaussTracker
  • Sim/GiGa
  • Sim/GiGaCnv
  • Sim/GiGaVisUI
  • Sim/LbGDML
  • Sim/LbLamarr
  • Sim/MCCollector
  • Sim/ParallelGeometry
  • Sim/SimChecks
  • Sim/SimSvc
  • Tools/ClhepTools
  • Velo/VeloGauss
  • Vis/VisSvc
  • VP/VPMoniSim
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