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Draft: Decaying Luminosity

Timothy David Evans requested to merge tevans_decayingluminosity into Sim10

Adds the option to decay the luminosity, as expected in Run 5+.

  • Adds a pileup tool that generates the time in the fill, and then a corresponding poisson distributed random number for the number of vertices.
  • Adds a flag in Generation to give 'exclusive' productions (that is, event types where we force the parent particle to decay to a given final state). The reason for this is the distribution in time of signal, vs min bias is quite different, as the probability that there is a signal decay is ~ proportional to the number of vertices. Perhaps this flag could be deduced from the event type?
  • The time in the fill is going to be a very useful number to store. There is a field in MCHeader for this but is used by ReDecay at the moment?

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