Do not use setupHive() from LHCbApp, but only the one from Gaussino()

Merged Michal Mazurek requested to merge mimazure-Sim11-stop-using-lhcbapp-setuphive into Futurev5

Fix #89 (closed)

@clemenci @gcorti

This passes EnableHive=False to LHCbApp() and EnableHive=True to Gaussino() in order to avoid setting the hive configurables and properties twice.

There is a problem with the EventDataSvc("EventDataSvc") being created by default in IOHelper() if EnableHive=False in LHCbApp for which a fix is available in Gaussino/Gaussino!106 (closed). It will no lenger be needed when Gauss() stops using LHCbApp() (I think).

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