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Adding PileUpTool to Madgraph adaptor

Adrian Casais Vidal requested to merge Madgraph-pileup into master

Following the discussion suggestions the PileUpTool is added by default to the Madgraph adaptor.

The other lines:

# Generation().DecayTool            = ""
# Generation().SampleGenerationTool = "Special"

# # Special options.
# Generation().addTool(Special)
# Generation().Special.CutTool        = ""
# Generation().Special.DecayTool      = ""
# Generation().Special.ProductionTool = "MadgraphProduction"

are not included in the MR since the Special generation tool is already implemented in the adaptor and I believe that the CutTool and DecayTool are process specific. If that's not the case and these fields should be defaulted to "" these can be adapted.

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