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Prepare the merge of Gauss-on-Gaussino to master

@gcorti @clemenci @kreps @adavis @admorris

IMPORTANT: please do not squash the commits when merging!

This prepares Futurev5 to include the formatting changes from master and make it ready to be merged to master at any point later in the nearest future. The strategy towards including these changes is as follows:

  1. Futurev5 diverged significantly from master and the new formatting generates too many changes to manually resolve them. Therefore, I merged (in a regular way) to Futuerv5 all commits from master up to the commits that deal with formatting. The corresponding merge commit is d516e050.
  2. For all the formatting commits, I applied git merge origin/master -s ours --no-ff --no-commit, which told git not to look at the changes coming from master, because we want to apply the formatting by hand, but at the same time we want to keep both histories in sync.
  3. I the applied git cherry-pick -n f7b137e4 that adds the pre-commit checks and adapted the CI configuration to match the one used in Gauss-on-Gaussino.
  4. I ran pre-commit run --all-files that applied the formatting.
  5. Finally, git commit and the corresponding commit is 88261686

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