Separate control-flow / work in FTRawBankDecoder

Gerhard Raven requested to merge alternate-ft-decoding into master
  • factor out control flow in two functions, reverse_each_module and for_each_quadrant.
  • reverse_each_module takes two iterators, and finds the partitions corresponding to a module, and the reverses each of these partitions partitions
  • for_each_quadrant takes a container and a container of offsets which defines partitions of that container. It calls, for each parittion, the callable with the first,last iterator of these partitions
  • replace the vector of partitionpoints with a boost::container::static_vector to avoid allocating memory on the heap
  • add some lamdas which bind common function arguments, so they don't have to be repeated...
  • move the verbose printout out of the main decoding loop (avoiding repeated checks on msgLevel) and instead provide a single loop which dumps the created clusters (note: this slightly changes the printout format!)
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