Add support for new 'flags' bitfield in MCParticle

Merged Gloria Corti requested to merge LHCBGAUSS-1065.forHLT into hlt2012-patches

Port to branch for HLT 2012 patches the flags bitfield. Needed to enable MC microDST saving for Run1.

The patch here propagate by hand the changes as in MR !601 (merged) for reco14-patches that could not be cherry-picked due to the many other changes that occurred in between. The same changes will also need to be propagated to hlt2011-patches.

A single bit is used to define a 'fromSignal' flag that indicates if a particle was produced as part of the MC signal decay tree or not. Used in MC stripping productions to make sure signal is always saved to uDST streams.

Ported from Chris Jones' update in LHCb v38r6 and Vanya Belyaev's bug fix in LHCb v42r0

Related to LHCBGAUSS-1065.

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