New and faster decoding versions

Requires MR!10 from SIMCOND.

Introduced new raw data format (v4 and v5). The new data format has no local headers for each SiPM anymore. This improves the decoding speed a lot. Also new is the partitioning (5 banks per quadrant instead of 1) and a global truncation header.

For backwards compatibility, the decoding can still decode the old data formats (v2 and v3). The difference between v4 and v5 is that in v5 the adjacent clusters (that are split by the FE) are merged back and that very wide clusters are recovered into many adjacent clusters. These extra operations are not done in v4, which makes it a little bit faster at the costs of a reduction in tracking performance (possible these extra operations can be done on the TELL40 in the future). The encoding works only for the v5 format. To run the v4 decoding on v5 data, a flag is introduced in FTRawBankDecoder (ForceVersion4).

At same time, the container format for the FTLiteClusters is changed from FastClusterContainer to MultiIndexedContainer.

Closes LHCBSCIFI-101.

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