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update L0 processor data handling

Olivier Deschamps requested to merge UpdateL0Processing into master

Propagate the !1336 (merged) changes to master (except changes related to L0 monitoring - not needed for future) L0DU :

  • better handling in case of different sources for the same L0ProcessorData in L0ProcessorDataDecoder L0Calo :
  • fix minor bug (wrong format) in L0Candidate.h when building L0Processor data for SpdMult and SumEt from the L0Calo rawBank. The bug has no impact on default processing as L0ProcessorData are not build from the L0Calo rawbank but directly from the emulator.
  • L0CaloCandidatesFromRaw : produce (empty) L0ProcessorData in case there is no corresponding L0 candidate + add the possibility to plug/unplug processor data 'fiber' (e.g. for L0pi0s/HC switching)
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