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Vanya Belyaev requested to merge vanya-lokigen-v1 into run2-patches

Phys/LoKiGen: add new symbols

  • GMINTREE : e.g. "GMINTREE( GPT , 'mu+' == GABSID) > xxx * GeV" - it can mimic certains selection/tripping criteria and also L0Muon trigger
  • GSUMTREE : e.g. "GMINTREE( GPT , ( 'pi+' == GABSID ) | ( 'K+' == GABSID ) ) > xxx * GeV" - it mimics some popular stripping/Hlt2 cuts used by Charm and BnoC groups
  • GMULTTREE : "GMULTTREE( GPT , ( 'mu+' == GABSID ) ) > xxx * GeV * GeV " - it mimics L0DiMuon-TOS for eg. B-> ( J/psi -> mu mu ) X decays

They are useful to extend and simplify the syntax of LoKi::GenCutTool allowing for mimic some trigger (e.g. L0Muon and/or L0DiMuon) and/or stripping selection criteria (like scalar sum of Pt, massively used by Charm and BnoC working groups). It will allow to mimic certain selection/stripping/trigger criteria as tight generator-level cuts, drastically improving the overall performance of MC-production system.

This MR is prepared for run2-patches branch and to be merged also for the master branch. For (rather unlikely) case Gauss-managers accept my recent proposal for agressive usage of tight generator-level cuts, it would have a lot of sense to discuss the backport of this MR to Sim09x branch of Gauss

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