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LoKi: Change a way how functors get the context.

Vanya Belyaev requested to merge vanya-new-loki-context-v0 into master

LoKi: Change a way how functors get the context.

this way should be much more safe and robust and after few minor pending case-by-case remaining fixes should be perfectly ok for the Hive

LoKiPhys/LoKiArrayFunctors/LoKiMC/LoKiGen&LoKiHlt are fixed accordingly (and it is a major work..) LoKiTracks/LoKiProtoParticles&LoKiNumbers - there is nothing to fix Rec/LoKiTrack is fixed

  • todo: LoKiTrigger in HLT project is not fixed yet, it should be easy to fix - to be done after the full clean complete build of LHCB/PHYS/...

  • updated functor cache (with the different factory signature) is not tested properly yet. By-eye the auto-generated C++ code looks ok, but here the clean build in nightlies of the full Stripping/DaVinci stack is needed.


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