Modernize MCEvent

Gerhard Raven requested to merge modernize-GenEvent-MCEvent into master
  • add initializers to member declarations and make default constructors = default
  • add [[nodiscard]] where appropriate
  • add some const
  • have setters take their argument by value, and then std::move to the destination
  • have setters return *this (instead of void) to allow daisy-chaining
  • remove redundant protected declarations
  • remove redundant inline declarations
  • remove redundant destructors
  • prefer STL algorithms over raw loops
  • prefer range-based for loops
  • prefer auto instead of ...::iterator
  • remove pragmas specific to Intel compiler
  • prefer using over typedef
  • remove x bit from header files

must be applied in conjunction with Lbcom!414 (merged) and Boole!254 (merged)

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