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Update RICH decoding for realistic cable maps from the pit

Updates the RICH decoding to adapt to slight changes in the mappings introduced in lhcb-conddb/SIMCOND!148 (merged)

Note the realistic encoding and decoding is not used by default anywhere, the only place it is run is a specific QM test in Boole (which will get its own MR to update). This was intentional as I knew the original format would not completely match the format eventually deployed at the pit. So there are no back-wards compatibility issues.

Should be merged with Boole!340 (merged) Lbcom!557 (merged) Panoptes!122 (closed)

Tested now with commissioning data, and looks OK.

Screenshot_2021-05-27_at_10.44.41_am Screenshot_2021-05-27_at_10.45.16_am

Edited by Christopher Rob Jones

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