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refactor: removed unsed SOA{Container,Extension}

Christoph Hasse requested to merge chasse_remove_old_soa into master

This MR removes the git submodule SOAContainer as well as the additional features implemented in SOAExtension

The reconstruction code had moved to using the SOACollection implemented by @olupton, leaving most of this code unused.

There were a few uses in tests as well as in some algorithms e.g. the PrFilter, but none of this is used by our reconstruction anymore.
Thus, while we still compile it, it isn't used anywhere in the downstream projects.

There is only one file in all the SOAContainer and SOAExtension code that we still need which is the small file SOAExtension/ZipUtils.h which now lives in Event/ZipUtils.h together with SOACollection.

After this MR we should be left with only one SOA implementation which takes away the ambiguity as to what SOA object one should/is using.

There is a few connected small cleanups in Rec! and Moore!

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