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Muon Run3 decoding

Alessia Satta requested to merge Upgrade/MuonTell40 into master

Goes along with Detector!173 (merged) !3133 (merged) Rec!2691 (merged) Boole!377 (merged) Gauss!862 (merged) Alignment!273 (merged)

The LHCb project in Upgrade/MuonTell40 branch contains all code to encode e decode the MuonTell40 raw data in run3. The DDDB and SIMCOND to use have been committed with the name "muon_cabling_run3": lhcb-conddb/DDDB!95 (merged) and lhcb-conddb/SIMCOND!159 (merged). Pay attention that the code/DB are not backward compatible and to be tested new simulated files must be produced. I requested a merge with Boole (Boole!358 (closed)) to have a version that can be used to to produce the files with the muon Tell40 banks in output. Let me know if this approach is ok or if something different is suggested.

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