Spruce reports to RawBanks, further cleanup of HltDAQ

Gerhard Raven requested to merge cleanup-hltdaq into master
  • Add SourceID for sprucing to allow sprucing-specific content in HltDecReports raw banks
  • make mapping from SourceID -> {Hlt,TCK}ANNSvc major key bijective. As a result, support for run1-style 'joined' Hlt1/Hlt2 RawBank SourceID is removed. concretely: a one-to-one correspondence between the sourceID, and the list of decisions (obtained from the {Hlt,TCK}ANNSvc) that need to be decoded is now enforced.
  • remove unused HltTrackReports{Writer,Decoder}
  • factor out SourceID enum so a single definition can be shared
  • add support for Property<SourceID> and use that instead of Property<int> + updatehandler or checks in initialize
  • given the above, decoder components no longer have include their corresponding writer header files
  • amalgamate component header files into the corresponding source files
  • migrate HltDiffHltDecReports to LHCb::Algorithm::Consumer
  • make HltLumiWriter thread-safe
  • prefer MsgCounter over Error(...) and Warning(...)
  • prefer span over bare pointer
  • start putting code in the LHCb::Hlt::DAQ namespace instead of adding using namespace LHCb

must be applied in conjunction with Moore!1003 (merged), DaVinci!578 (merged), Phys!989 (merged)

Addresses https://gitlab.cern.ch/lhcb-dpa/project/-/issues/153 for DPA

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