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Changes to the Calo code in preparation for DD4hep integration

Sebastien Ponce requested to merge sponce_CaloTowardsDD4hep into master

This is par tof a set of MRs : Detector!104 (merged) !3282 (merged) Lbcom!583 (merged) Rec!2584 (merged) Phys!999 (merged) Allen!684 (merged) Moore!1054 (merged) Boole!361 (merged) Run2Support!17 (merged) Gauss!766 (merged) Panoramix!107 (merged) Alignment!214 (merged)

Mainly cleanups allowing to compile both with a DetDesc and a DD4hep backend Note that this included removing Prs and Spd code as these are not implemented in DD4hep

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