Migrate TCK backend from .cdb to .git

Gerhard Raven requested to merge migrate_cdb_to_git into master

switch to new git-native layout which omits ConfigTreeNodes, and stores only PropertyConfig

  • each configuration corresponds to a given commit
  • each set of fast-run changable configurations are on the same branch
  • TCKs correspond to git tags

An example git repo converted from .cdb can be found at https://gitlab.cern.ch/graven/tck Interesting observation: this git repo is 22.5 Mb, whereas the source .cdb file is 125 Mb, i.e. the (bare) git repo is 6x smaller.

  • add option to obtain a collection of digests for a TCK

TODO: add a bit code which, after conversion, loops over all TCKs in the .cdb file, and for each TCK:

  • pick up the same TCK from the .git version, and do the same.
  • demand that those two sets of MD5 sums are equal
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