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bugfix: fix mapQuarterSectorToSectorCentralRegion usage in findSectorsFullID

Gerhard Raven requested to merge fix-utdaq-undefined into master
  • findSectorsFullID is a standalone function which uses an 'extern' array mapQuarterSectorToSectorCentralRegion which is assigned in constructor of the geomCache -- so this functiopn can only be used after a geomCache is created, and all geomCache are consistent -- but even then there could be a data race between findSectorsFullID being used 'while' another geomCache is constructed

  • The fix is to make findSectorsFullID a member function of geomCache, and give each geomCache their own mapQuarterSectorToSectorCentralRegion array instead of sharing them amongst geomCaches and findSectorsFullID

  • add some constexpr, and move some lookup tables from header file to .cpp file

must be applied in conjunction with Rec!2665 (merged)

Edited by Gerhard Raven

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