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For event size analytics

Nicole Skidmore requested to merge evtsizeanalytics into master

To go with Moore!1356 (merged)


Want event size analysis of Spruced events per line. See


Exploit the fact that each stream gets its own instance of CombineRawBankViewsToRawEvent.

Add Gaudi::Accumulators::StatCounter to CombineRawBankViewsToRawEvent to give table of the form

EvtSize_<line name>    INFO Number of counters : X
 |    Counter                                      |     #     |    sum | mean/eff^* | rms/err^*  |     min   |     max    |
 | "DstData bank size (bytes)"                     |         X |      Y |         YY |     YYY    |      YYYY |      YYYYY |
 | "Event size (bytes)"                            |         X |      Z |         ZZ |     ZZZ    |      ZZZZ |      ZZZZZ |

Note that by running CombineRawBankViewsToRawEvent in VERBOSE mode - achieved through CombineRawBankViewsToRawEvent.bind(OutputLevel=1) one also has the log of the individual sizes of ALL RawBanks in banks.

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