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Replace Run2 DQ filtering with a new DQFilter algorithm

Marco Clemencic requested to merge marcocle/dqfilter-run3 into master

This is a new implementation of a Data Quality filtering algorithm for Run3. For background information see lhcb-dpa/project#49 and LBCOMP-96


  • drop run2 DQ filtering machinery
  • implemented a DQFilter algorithm

The new algorithm takes the list of runs to skip from options instead of some predefined location. This adds flexibility to how the DQ flags are recorded and deployed. The format of the configuration is something like:

  "subdetector": "1,3,5-10",

where Flags is a mapping string (DQ context, e.g. subdetector name) -> string (list of runs to exclude from processing).


  • comments/docs
  • add unit tests for corner cases (failures)
  • add integration test
  • clean up and optimization
  • fix inconsistency in genconf (gaudi/Gaudi#219)

Side note: incidentally I'm experimenting with a new way of adding unit tests for components.

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