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Make name of algorithms independent of instantiation order

Sebastien Ponce requested to merge sponce_uniqueAlgoName into master

It was so far based on the order in which algos with identical names were declared, leading to major issues with ref updates. It now very simply uses the already existing "identity" of the algorithm (a hash of its config basically), which is unique

@jonrob @rmatev @tnanut This should tackle #267 and hopefully solve the issues found in !2773 (merged)

Part of set !3872 (merged) Rec!3196 (merged) Allen!1072 (merged) Moore!1909 (merged) Analysis!958 (merged) DaVinci!790 (merged) MooreOnline!190 (merged) MooreAnalysis!100 (merged) Alignment!333 (merged)

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