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SOACollection particlev2

Arthur Hennequin requested to merge ahennequ_particlev2 into master

Main features of this set of MR:

  • Replace Vec3 with Vec. This allows to have a uniform interface in reconstruction algorithms and functors, and avoid having too many converters.
  • Replace PrFittedTracks with Tracks_v3. Historically PrFittedTracks was only used in CPU HLT1. Tracks_v3 is the default track model in HLT2, using it allows to merge redundant algorithms and simplify Particle_v2 objects.
  • Remove some converters that are not needed anymore
  • Change all tests that were using FittedTracks to use Tracks_v3. It make more sense to test something that will actually be used.
  • Make ChargedBasics into an SOACollection. Before it was a zip, which cannot be persisted nor referenced into by an other SOACollection.
  • Add NeutralBasics SOACollection.
  • Switch to TCmalloc for HLT1 throughput test. It is now more performant with it and allows simpler integration of SOACollections, without worrying about costly memory allocations.

Goes with Rec!3247 (merged) Moore!1984 (merged) Analysis!942 (merged) lhcb-datapkg/PRConfig!289 (merged)

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