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Fix noBanksCounter in Calo decoding

Carla Marin Benito requested to merge cmb_caloNoBankCounter into master

Before this, the code would return when finding empty banks with no other action (a debug message, hard to detect). Later on m_noBanksCounter was incremented by banks.empty() but for this line to execute, it had to be zero already! So we were not incrementing the counter (and not printing it) when the banks were empty and on the contrary we were incrementing by 0 in each event and printing the counter when banks were NOT empty.

This MR promotes m_noBanksCounter to an ERROR message counter and fixes the logic (such that the counter is incremented and printed when the banks are empty and not incremented neither printed when they are not).

cc @jmarchan

References will need to be updated. The expected diff is the disappearing of the counters "No bank found" from FutureEcalZSup and FutureHcalZSup.

Goes with MooreOnline!201 (merged)

Edited by Sebastien Ponce

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