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Add NeutralPID object to ProtoParticle

Tara Nanut Petric requested to merge tnanut_NeutralPID_v1 into master

Make class for NeutralPID object, analogue to MuonPID, RichPID. It contains info previously stored in AdditionalInfo. Info filled in FutureNeutralProtoParticleAlg. Pointer to object stored in ProtoParticle. Additional info removed from neutral ProtoParticles. For old versions in saved files, the new NeutralPID object will be filled from existing Additional info.

Needs Moore!2252 (merged) .

Needs Rec!3397 (merged).

Needs LHCbIntegrationTests!54 (merged)

Needs DaVinci!1012 (merged)

The functors that used the Additional info are replaced to use the NeutralPID object in Rec!3397 (merged). This ensures testing since the functors are used in test lines.

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