Modify computation of component hash ID

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Make sure that the produced RawBank::View is in a stable place which does not depend on the location of the RawEvent used as input while still dealing with different RawEvent locations

This requires changing the way the hash of (the configuration of a) component is computed: previously, the 'id' of the input handles was used, which depends on the 'id' of the producing component. As a result, even if the configuration of the component under question is invariant, its 'id' could change due to a change in the configuration 'upstream'. As the 'id' is used to check for 'identical' configurations of individual components and verify their names, it is sufficient to use the locations of the handle instead of the id. So this MR changes the component hash to use the 'location' instead of the 'id' of input handles.

must be applied in conjunction with DaVinci!904 (merged).

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