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Fix bug in VP encoding and decoding of topologyID

Daniele Passaro requested to merge fixTopologyID into master

Fixed bugs in the encoding and the decoding of the VPRetinaCluster word, both for light-clusters and full-clusters.

In the current version of the code, clusters with the wrong pixel-list were created and decoded. Clusters with empty pixel-list were also created.
The latter case was the cause for the Floating Point exceptions reported in #315 and Lbcom#10 (closed).

A reference update is also needed.
Indeed the reference MC files were created with the wrong topology encoding. The corrected algorithms might misbehave with the old topology version, resulting in a slightly lower tracking efficiencies (~0.1%) if evaluated on those MC simulations using MC checking.

The real tracking efficiencies are not affected, since the tracking sequences do not use the VPRetinaCluster topologyID information. As result, no porting in Allen is required as topologyID is not used in Allen sequences.

FYI: @flazzari

This MR depends on Moore!2869 (merged) .

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