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Streamline available states for track types

Andre Gunther requested to merge gunther-state-sets into 2024-patches


  • specialise the available states for each track type according to their fit history. This is useful because tracks out of the pattern recognition have different states than their fitted counterparts. Defining this centrally in States.h avoids mistakes when converting among the different track implementations Pr <-> v3 <-> v1, see Rec#519.
  • with centrally defined available states, the Pr track containers now statically map state locations to the index in the SOA state field such that state quantities are accessed by location, not index, which is more readable
  • move state-related SOACollections from PrTracksTag.h and Track_v3.h to States.h header
  • implement zip-compatible constructors for RelationTable1D/2D and provide weight function for ExtraTags access (foreseen access via Weight functor) new feature

Goes with Rec!3738 and Allen!1433 and Moore!3045

Edited by Andre Gunther

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