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Add JacobdP4dMom version considering charge

Hendrik Jage requested to merge hjage_add_ions into 2024-patches

Add a second version of the function (JacobdP4dMom) that computes the Jacobian for the transformation of a covariance matrix (from track state to particle state) that takes the particles charge into account. The existing method calculates the momentum from q/p under the assumption of q=1, which doesn't hold anymore for helium(3).

The JacobdP4dMom function is used in the state2Particle function, which is needed to create helium candidate for the Run3 trigger. The corresponding change is added in Rec!3855.

As the case of q\neq1 is quite rare, I decided to add a second version of JacobdP4dMom that considers charge, instead of only modifying the existing one.

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