Create a test chain for validating the Moore-DaVinci-Tuple workflow

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Test is aimed to check if the Moore-DaVinci-Tuple chain is functional. Two new test chains are added starting with a hlt1_pp_default and hlt1_pp_veloSP, respectively. Each test chain takes in input a .digi file from TestFileDB and performs a set of steps:

  • test Moore for running Hlt1 Allen
  • create and assign a MC TCK
  • test Moore for running Hlt2 and Sprucing step
  • test DaVinci for tupling from both Turbo and Spruced .dst

Validation of the test performed with a very basic bash script: An additional check is run at the tuple level to validate the tuple content by means of the script.

Addresses: DaVinci#13 (closed).

Needs DaVinci!699 (merged), DaVinci!743 (merged), DaVinci!749 (merged), DaVinci!805 (merged), lhcb-core/LbDevTools!207 (merged), !37 (merged).

Related to the grand tasks on WP1 and WP3 integration tests and

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