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Add CaloCheckers folder

Carla Marin Benito requested to merge cmb_calocheckers into master

So far all the mc-related calo algorithms were in the CaloAssocitators folder. This MR adds a CaloCheckers folder that contains the efficiency and resolution algorithms:

  • CaloClusterResolution.cpp
  • CaloClusterEfficiency.cpp
  • CaloHypoEfficiency.cpp

Moreover, some old algorithms that are not used in Moore any longer are removed ("Future" versions of these algorithms exist and are currently used in Moore):

  • CaloDigit2MCLinks2Table
  • CaloHypoMCTruth

I haven't checked if these algorithms are used in DaVinci (hope not).

The RecoConf.hlt2_reco_calo_efficiency and RecoConf.hlt2_reco_calo_resolution_gamma test run successfully on my local stack after these changes.

FYI @graven @gcorti @jmarchan

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