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Draft: HLT2 lines for prompt charmonia production (+double char)

Vsevolod Yeroshenko requested to merge vyeroshe_onia_2ccbar_hadr into master

I've prepared several HLT2 lines for the prompt charmonia analyses we are interested in

  • ccbar -> Lambda(1520)0 Lambda(1520)~0
  • 2ccbar -> (Phi(1020) Phi(1020)) (mu+ mu-)
  • 2ccbar -> (p+ p~-) (mu+ mu-)
  • 2ccbar -> (p+ p~-) (p+ p~-) (updated cuts)

I've tested them on some minbias upgrade MC (100k evt) and it runs (no double ccbar found, not sure if this is related to the tight cuts). Most of the cuts are similar to what we had in 2018 ccbar lines (protons and phis, Lst). The mass ranges were set such that we cover everything up to psi(2S).

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