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Draft: Interacting sexaquark line

Patrick Koppenburg requested to merge pkoppenb-Sexaquark into master

We plan to implement a trigger line (both levels) for anti-sexaquark annihilation in material. The signature is a vertex in material from which two units of strangeness come out. So at least K^+K^+, K^+\bar{\Lambda} or \bar{\Lambda}\bar{\Lambda}. For control, the charge-conjugate lines are also needed. There is no signal MC as we do not have a clue how such interactions would look like, nor what the momentum distribution is. We can probably tune on \bar{\Xi} baryons.

Involved : @sneubert @eleckste . I also discussed with @jzhuo and @samarian . WG: B&Q and stealth people.

  • Hlt1: @samarian suggested to start from the Hlt1 tomography line. To avoid the prescale we could then add a V0 or two same-charge tracks. All is very sketchy now.
  • Hlt2: Refine the above.

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