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Extend PatPVFuture to 3D seeding (beamSpot independent)

Maciej Artur Giza requested to merge mgiza-pv-3dseeding into master changes following the Rec (add number here)

option use_3D_seeding=False has been added to make_PatPV3DFuture_pvs

Detailed description from Rec:

Extending PatPVFuture to handle 3D seeding, which is beamline independent. Right now there is a bool option which switched between 2D and 3D seeding.

The 3D seeding is inspired by: PVSeed3DTool.cpp however with some modification in order to resurrect reasonable performance and in particular minimize fake rate.

The MR follows the discussion in Rec#380 (closed)

Dependent on Rec!3612 (merged)

cc: @adudziak

Edited by Miroslav Saur

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