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[RTADPA BW Tests] New Sprucing bandwidth test using latest-available HLT2 input.

Luke Grazette requested to merge lugrazet-BW-spruce-ydayshlt2 into master

related to: lhcb-datapkg/PRConfig!361 (merged) + lhcb-core/LHCbPR2HD!270 (merged) + lhcb-core/LHCbNightlyConf!1121 (merged)

Adds new sprucing qmt and sprucing-job-config for latest BW test job.
Updates the BW qmts restriction to detdesc to be in CMakeLists to better match convention.


  • BWTesters + DPAWP1
    • Shunan Approved 🙂
  • CI-test (in parallel)
  • DmitryPopov's magic step post-merge # Requested
Edited by Luke Grazette

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