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Add parent isolation variables to lines in RD

Michele Atzeni requested to merge matzeni/add_iso_242 into master

NEEDS: !2926 (merged) and Rec!3751 (merged)

Attempt to add isolation to all lines reported in the Table below.

IMPORTANT: Is not expected to replace the effort of each analyst's interest in having isolations in their line. The function parent_isolation_output is created for two main reasons:

  • ensure that every line in the RD WG is guaranteed a basic type of isolation,
  • being able to centrally control the impact of the added isolation information on the bandwidth and, eventually, tighten it. This approach naturally ensures that, in case of issues, we first try to tighten the isolation requirements on the lines that are not the main focus of the WG (at the moment).

Expected changes on the RD bandwidth using the MDF method in TURBO (see link)

Configuration BW [GB/s] BW [GB/s] with Rec!3751 (merged)
No isolation 0.6384 0.6384
Cone cut at 1.0 1.0032 (+57%) 0.9576 (+50%)
Cone cut at 0.5 0.855 (+34%) 0.821 (+28.6%)
Cone cut at 0.25 0.7752 (+21%) 0.7296 (+14.3%)
Cone cut at 0.1 0.7068 (+11%) 0.684 (+7.14%)

BW is computed using all_lines here. Using only turbo_lines instead

Configuration BW [GB/s]
No isolation 0.285
Cone cut at 0.5 0.4902 (+70%)

The impact on the total TURBO BW is expected to be +8% (assumes total BW of turbo 2.61[GB/s]).

Expected changes on the RD bandwidth using the MDF method in Sprucing

No change is expected since the isolation is added on lines that have zero rate when run over 100K events.


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