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Remove raw banks from full stream in hlt2_pp_commissioning (and book BnoC full lines)

Ross John Hunter requested to merge rjhunter-remove-raw-banks-full-stream into master

FYI @mvesteri @poluekt @gunther @decianm @cmarinbe @nskidmor @lugrazet (please feel free to tag others)

For a couple of weeks or so it's been established that we won't have raw banks in the Full stream. In !2994 (merged) @gunther is writing a new, but whilst that is still in development, the bandwidth tests on master still use, which still has raw banks in the full stream. Therefore, to try to make the bandwidth tests on master start to converge with what I presented at LHCb week, I'd like to remove the raw banks from the full stream in This is the cause of quite a bit of confusion between what we see in the nightlies and what I presented last week, which I'd like to remove if possible.

Does anyone foresee any issues with this?

Also, as requested, I booked the new BnoC full lines into the stream configuration as well - they were previously missing.

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